What is Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal and how do you dispose of it?

Ferrous and how to dispose of it:

The so-called ferrous scrap includes iron and cast-iron waste and falls into the broader category of metal waste, which also includes non-ferrous scrap.

Contact registered waste carriers only

If you need to dispose of ferrous scrap, the only way to perform this correctly is to contact a company specialized in this type of scrap metal recycling: disposing of this and similar waste following incorrect procedures constitutes a criminal offense.

Those who request this service must make sure that the company they choose is duly registered with the Environmental Agency: in fact, anyone who offers scrap metal collection in the absence of this requirement is committing an offense. The recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap allows the unlimited recycling of many materials, including iron, otherwise destined to fill landfills. This activity is very important for reducing pollution and allows for savings in raw materials and energy. The recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap takes place mainly in the industrial and civil sectors from processing waste.

The recycling of non-ferrous scrap and iron waste

The sorting and collection of industrial materials is carried out by specialized, licensed company who regularly offer a free scrap metal collection service and intervene promptly to provide an adequate solution to the volumetric reduction, transport of non-ferrous scrap and iron waste, for recycling and offer the best scrap prices. Among the materials that are best suited for recycling is iron, which can be reused 100% and indefinitely.

By ferrous scrap, we mean that which is made up of iron or cast iron, which during the recovery process is separated from other metals and waste materials. Non-ferrous scrap, on the other hand, includes steel and its alloys, a stainless material that is widely used in both industry and the construction sector. This group also includes aluminium, appreciated for its hardness, resistance and lightness, bronze, tin, copper, brass, nickel, lead, alloys and other mixed metals.

Scrap metal recyclers such as Mr and Mrs Baker Breker that deal with the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap generally use skips or roll-off containers of different sizes, which are used for the construction waste disposal. These bins represent a solution able to move materials quickly and without excessive costs. In practice, they function as small mobile storage units, which can be taken away easily once filled and do not require large spaces.

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